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BG 15

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The BG15 is the smallest linear actuator in NB’s award-winning series of products. It features all the advantages BG-type components are known for, in a package small enough for compact and miniaturized equipment. Several design and configuration options make this one of the most versatile miniature linear actuators on the market today.

Features At-a-Glance

The BG15 consists of a unique U-shaped guide rail and slide block design that features four ball circuits with four-point contacts. Together, they allow for high-load capacities, even given the unit’s small size. Key benefits of the BG15 mini actuator include its:

High accuracy

The BG15 is available in high-grade and precision-grade configurations. High-grade mini actuators deliver a positioning repeatability of ±3μm, positioning accuracy of 40μm, running parallelism of 20μm and a maximum backlash of 5μm. The precision-grade configuration, ideal for when you need even greater accuracy, provides a positioning repeatability of ±1μm, positioning accuracy of 20μm, running parallelism of 10μm and a maximum backlash of 2μm.

High rigidity

With its U-shaped design offering exceptionally high rigidity, the BG15 miniature linear actuator is suitable for cantilevered applications. Even at applied radial loads in excess of 600N, NB’s long-block miniature linear actuators will undergo a maximum displacement of no more than 0.005mm.

Small footprint

By integrating slide block and ball and screw components, the BG15 has a dramatically smaller footprint than other mini linear actuators. At just 15mm tall, its exceptionally low profile makes the BG15 suitable for any application where saving space is essential.

Adjustment-free installation

The BG15 miniature actuator comes fully inspected and calibrated, and it requires no additional adjustments before you install it. This reduces maintenance considerably and shortens the amount of time necessary to set up your important equipment.

Available Options

Several available options add to the versatility of BG15 mini linear actuators. Positioning pin holes can be added to sub-table and guide rail components, making it easy to reinstall the part without compromising accuracy. Multiple bracket options allow for seamless compatibility with Mitsubishi, Panasonic, Yaskawa and other electric motors.

Additionally, top covers and bellows are available for superior dust protection, and various sensor options can be installed as well. See product literature for a complete list of options, specifications and other details.

To learn more about NB components, including BG15 mini actuators and other linear positioning products, contact us by phone or email to speak with one of our representative engineers today.

The Smallest in BG Series

The BG actuator is an integration of precision ball screw and guide block. BG15 with a height of 15mm further contributes to compact design of machinery.

High Positioning Accuracy

Assured accuracies are as follows.

Positioning repeatability:
±3microns High grade (H)
±1micron Precision grade (P)

5microns High grade (H)
2microns Precision grade (P)

Positioning Pin Hole

As an option, positioning pin holes are provided on the sub-table and guide rail. It is useful to maintain mounting accuracy when reassembly of work table or guide rail is required.

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