NB Linear Systems

NB Linear System

Industrial machinery is prevalent among many different fields of industry. Linear motion is one of the basic mechanisms that design in the machinery. Linear motion utilizes sliding and rolling motions to transfer power and displacement into guiding linear-movement.

This mechanism is considered to be one of the most important factors in every industrial field.

NB Linear Systems are bearings that utilize the rotational motion of ball and roller elements. The dynamic friction of the ball or roller is substantially lower than that of full-face surface sliding bearings. NB linear systems achieve smooth movement and precise motion response in terms of positioning accuracy by the rolling elements and precision-ground raceway surface.
The NB linear systems uses relatively large rolling elements on a long raceway resulting in a high load capacity and long travel life.

Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd, as a general linear bearings manufacturer, contributes to industrial fields not only in Japan but also around the world.

NB Operating Departments

With a history of more than the half century, NB supports the market with experienced knowledge, high technology and a continued effort for new product development.

NB’s corporate mission runs through Sales Department which collects market information to serve customers, Technical Design Department which designs ideal systems based on the customer requirements, and Manufacturing Departments that create customer satisfaction by making design planned linear systems. NB works on the project team basis to meet the customer needs.

Sales Department

NB’s Sales Department has the leading role in planning to produce better products using collected data from Operating Departments, as well as domestic sales and overseas sister companies; NB Corporation of America and NB Europe B.V.

Technical Design Department

Ideal systems are brought into reality in the prompt and reliable manner in cooperation with Manufacturing Departments

Technical Design Department hand in hand with Sales Department and Manufacturing Departments share the same aspects of products development and production-line evolution in terms of quality and efficiency.

Manufacturing Departments

Products are manufactured in the most efficient product-lines and machinery equipment. Supplying products in answer to customer requirements on quality, cost, and lead time.

From basic components to assembled units, all the products are under strict quality control throughout the whole production processes.
Each worker possesses high skills by training and learning in order to answer customer needs of quality, cost, and lead time.
(Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd. has been certified for ISO9001 and ISO14001.)

Quality Assurance Department

Inspections have been conducted from various points of view to the products, which assures high quality and highly reliable value-added products.

Targeting at “improvement of customer satisfaction”, Nippon Bearing Co., Ltd with Quality Assurance Department as its core unit establishes a systematic, total quality control system. The system continues to aim at further quality development.
Inspection divisions in the manufacturing domain add quality values and reliability to the products through inspections by high technology inspection machines
(laser inspection, etc.).