Cross Roller Slide Tables

The NB SLIDE TABLE is a precision table equipped with crossed roller slide ways. Its high-precision and low-friction characteristics make it well suited for use in electronics automatic-assembly machines, optical measurement devices, etc.

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Product Description

NB crossed roller tables feature high-precision, low-friction performance that makes them suitable for applications such as electronics assembly machines, optical measuring devices and more. They feature the STUDROLLER™ system, a sophisticated mechanism unique to NB products that prevents cage creep and other damage that commonly occurs over time.

Anti Cage Creep Crossed Roller Table Presentation Video

Please play the video to watch NB’s Innovative Anti-Cage Creep STUDROLLER System.

Benefits and Features At-a-Glance

All NB crossed roller tables feature a bed, table, and cross roller rail mechanism that have been precisely engineered to work together. Key advantages of this configuration include:

Improved accuracy

even in high-performance environments. Precision-machined and matched components deliver accurate linear motion with no slippage over time

Lower friction

thanks to a non-recirculating mechanism that stabilizes performance across a wide spectrum of speeds.

Smaller footprint

as it delivers load capacities up to 2.3 times higher than other products in its class, as well as improved rigidity characteristics.

Easy installation

with standardized mounting holes and no need for adjustment.

Categories and Configurations

The above benefits are complemented by a diverse product line that offers purpose-built equipment for specific applications. Currently available NB crossed table rollers include:


anti-creep crossed roller tables, which use the NV roller system consisting of four rails, two R-retainers and eight end pieces, as well as a table and bed combination that has been specially engineered for increased accuracy without the need for preload adjustments.


anti-creep crossed roller tables, which contain all the features and functionality of the NVT product but use a combination stainless steel/resin (NVS-type) bearings, as well as an aluminum table and bed, for installation in corrosive or clean room environments.


anti-creep compact crossed roller tables, which are thinner and more compact, while still offering the benefits of the STUDROLLER system. They are available with either tapped or counterbore mounting hardware to permit a range of potential applications.


anti-creep compact crossed roller tables, which offer the same profile as NYT products while boasting a stainless steel/resin construction that provides additional anti-corrosive properties.


crossed roller slide tables, which contain SV roller bearings featuring roller cages arranged in a cross formation to minimize friction.


crossed roller slide tables, which feature aluminum tables and beds, as well as the anti-corrosion SVS roller bearing system.


compact crossed roller slide tables, which are the thinner version of the SVT crossed roller product, designed for compact equipment that requires reduced weight and space.


compact crossed roller slide tables, which feature the thinner SYT design but offer additional anti-corrosive properties thanks to an all-stainless-steel construction.

In addition to the above products, we can machine a customized crossed roller table to meet the requirements of your project, whether they involve adding a micrometer head or making any other adjustment to our basic designs. For more information, speak with an NB representative directly. You can also find detailed product listings and specifications by downloading the catalog.

Structure and Advantages

The NB SLIDE TABLE consists of a SLIDE WAY assembled between an accurately machined table and a base. Stoppers are provided inside the table.

High Accuracy

The mounting surfaces of the table and base are precision finished to ensure high precision linear motion, resulting in a high performance movement.

Low Friction

Its non-recirculating mechanism provides stable motion at from low to high speeds.

Compact and High Rigidity

Being designed compactly, the NB SLIDE TABLE holds the high load capacity and high rigidity characteristics.

No Need for Adjustment

The table is carefully assembled so that the accuracy and preload are optimized, it can be used immediately without any further adjustments.

Ease of Mounting

Standardized mounting holes are provided in the table and bed. High precision linear motion can be achieved simply by mounting.
Structure of NVT and SVT type cross roller tables

NVT cross roller tableThe NVT type SLIDE TABLE incorporates the NV type SLIDE WAY. The table and bed have been precision machined to provide a high degree of accuracy and the product can be used, without any need for troublesome accuracy or preload adjustments.

SVT and SVTS cross roller tableIn the SVT type SLIDE TABLE, the SV type SLIDE WAY is sandwiched between an accurately machined steel table and bed.
In the SVTS type, the anti-corrosion SVS type SLIDE WAY is sandwiched between an accurately machined aluminum table and bed.

SYT and SYTS cross roller tableThe SYT/SYTS type is a thin, compact SLIDE TABLE. Either tapped or counterbore type (D type) is available for the mounting hole.
The anti-corrosion SYTS type SLIDE TABLE is made of all stainless steel components, making it suitable for use in clean rooms.