Topball Series

The TOPBALL linear motion mechanism is a self-aligning high load capacity linear ball bushing incorporating many unique features that make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. TOPBALL linear ball bushings are often used in automated factory equipment and industrial machines, optical and measuring instruments, and any other application that requires precision, light weight and low cost.

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Product Description

Key Benefits At-a-Glance

TOPBALL products incorporate many features not found on conventional bushings, including:

Self-aligning load plates

To avoid problems caused by mounting or machining errors, or by shaft deflection, TOPBALL load plates feature tapered ends that compensate for slight misalignments. This ensures more accurate performance with fewer adjustments when installing the product.

Floating seals

A floating seal helps maintain alignment while also ensuring the TOPBALL load plate remains consistently in contact with the shaft. Best of all, this is done without affecting the shape or length of the bushing, making TOPBALL bearing and linear pillow blocks suitable for miniaturized designs.

Adjustable clearance

Configure the TOPBALL linear ball bushing bearing to the specific requirements of your application by using its adjustable load plates to set the desired clearance level between ball and shaft components.
Together, these unique features provide TOPBALL linear pillow block bearings with many key benefits, including:

Longer travel life

Likewise, higher load capacities also translate to longer travel life. Compared to conventional linear ball bushings, TOPBALL products offer up to 27 times the travel life.

Higher load capacity

The precisely ground load plates allow TOPBALL to deliver rated capacity up to three times higher than conventional linear ball bushings.

Higher speed

TOPBALL is suitable for use in many high-speed applications, including systems moving at up to 3m/s.

For more information about the benefits of choosing TOPBALL plastic linear bearings for your application, contact an NB representative directly.

Available Configurations

A diverse range of products supports potential applications for TOPBALL linear ball bushings. TOPBALL series are available in metric (TK) and imperial (TW) configurations. Both include conventional closed- and open-type linear bushings, as well as the TOPBALL pillow block unit design, which optimizes performance to a specific bore tolerance.

Mounting and Maintenance

TOPBALL products have many mounting options. TK-type units should be press-fitted onto the housing bore, without applying excessive force or shock loading. TW-type TOPBALL components offer various mounting methods according to the intended application.

You can use NB TOPBALL linear pillow block bearings with high-precision shafts and housings. Variances in surface roughness, hardness and diameter will all affect performance and potentially reduce travel life. Please consult product literature for recommended tolerances and other installation requirements.

Structure and Advantages

Higher Load Capacity and Longer Travel life

NB’s uniquely designed load plate provides circular arch contact to the ball element resulting in a greater dispersion of the load, enabling TOPBALL Linear Bushing to provide up to three times the load capacity therefore 27 times the travel life of conventional slide bushings.

Self Aligning Capability

Load plates are thinner at the ends to provide a pivot point at the center of the plate. The center acts as a fulcrum to compensate for any slight misalignment between the shaft and the housing bore that might be caused by inaccurate machining, mounting errors or shaft deflection.

Floating Seal

NB’s unique floating seal design allows for selfalignment while maintaining equal and constant contact to the shaft. Seals do not add to the overall length of the bushing allowing for more compact designs.

High Speed

TOPBALL Linear Bushing meets high speed requirements. The maximum speed is 180m/min.

Clearance Adjustable

TOPBALL Linear Bushing’s load plates are designed to “float” in the outer sleeve which allows for clearance between the ball elements and shaft to best suit application requirements.

TOPBALL Unit – Linear Pillow Block Beariing

This is a TOPBALL Linear Bushing housed unit with pillow block. The pillow block has the most appropriate bore tolerance that optimizes TOPBALL’s performance.