Slide Rotary Bush SRE Type

The NB SLIDE ROTARY BUSH SRE SERIES provides rotary and linear motion functions. Linear motion with unlimited stroke and rotary motion are merged into a single bush resulting in great space saving compared with a combination of any conventional bearings. There are three types; standard, flange, and unit type with sizes ranging from 6 to 40.

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Product Description

NB SRE linear rotary ball bushing bearings are available in standard, flanged and pillow block unit-type configurations. Unlike the SR series of products, with SRE linear rotary ball bushing bearings, linear stroke isn’t limited by the length the retainer can travel. This allows for a more diverse set of potential applications, including robotic arms, gearing idlers in transportation equipment, tool changers and turntables. SRE series also are interchangeable with other NB products, including SM type linear bushings slide bushes, SMK type flanged bushings and more.

Features and Benefits At-a-Glance

SRE linear rotary bearings consist of a steel outer cylinder, an inner retainer holding a series of ball elements in place and a side ring. The retainer itself has been engineered to move freely in any direction, allowing for unlimited rotational and linear movement while keeping load distribution uniform while in operation.
NB SRE linear rotary bearings have many advantages over conventional bearing products, including:

Smaller Footprint

The ability to perform more functions while taking up less space is a key engineering concern in many industries. By combining linear and rotary movement functions in a single component, SRE bearings allow for smaller devices, lighter weights and fewer maintenance requirements.

High Load Capacity

By using larger-diameter steel ball elements than similar products, NB linear rotary bearings can support loads up to 3180N (dynamic) or 8040N (static) in double-wide block configurations.

Smooth Operation

SRE bearing retainers keep ball elements positioned in a circular formation at all times. This provides smooth linear and rotary motions when installed in either direction.

Configuration Options

As noted above, the SRE series of products offers three main configuration options:

  1. Standard linear rotary bearings with inner diameters ranging from 6mm to 40mm
  2. Square flange linear rotary bearings with four mounting holes, available with inner diameter sizes ranging 6mm and 40mm
  3. Unit bearings, available with several different block options: standard single and double-wide, compact single and double-wide, and pillow-type.

For a complete list of specifications, dimensions and tolerances, please download the product catalog. You also can reach an NB representative by phone ( 1-800-521-2045) or email to provide additional assistance.

Structure and Advantages

NB SLIDE ROTARY BUSH feature a special retainer fitted into cylindrical steel outer cylinder and is designed to guide steel balls for smooth circulation in its retainer.
The retainer is also designed to rotate freely towards radial direction and offers smooth linear and rotary motions.

Smooth Operation

The inner surface of the outer cylinder allows smooth operation of linear and rotary motions while maintaining a uniform load distribution.

Smooth Rotation

The positioning of the steel balls in a cylindrical formation inside the retainer enables a smooth rotational motion regardless of the installation direction.

High Load Capacity

The use of comparatively large diameter steel balls enhances the load capacity.

Complete Interchangeability

NB SRE SERIES is completely interchangeable with SM type SLIDE BUSH, SMK type Flanged SLIDE BUSH and SMA(W) type, AK(W) type and SMP type.

Structure of SLIDE ROTARY BUSH SRE type

Structure of Slide Rotary Bush SRE Type Series