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The NB Slide Bush is a linear bushing with mechanism utilizing the rolling motion of ball elements. Since linear motion is obtained with simple mechanism, the linear bushing can be used in a wide variety of applications, including transportation , food processing and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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Product Description

NB linear bushings provide smooth linear motion using the rolling motion of ball bearings. To support a wider range of applications, various sizes and configurations are available. You can find NB linear bushings on transportation equipment, food processing equipment, semiconductor manufacturing equipment and other systems that require smooth, precise motion.

Key Features At-a-Glance

NB linear bushings consist of an outer cylinder and ball retainer that houses the bushing components. Key benefits of NB linear bushings include:

  • A space-saving round shaft that allows for smaller component designs, lighter overall weight and other engineering advantages
  • A precision-ground raceway surface that minimizes contact with ball elements, reducing friction and providing smoother linear movement
  • A double-lip seal that reduces grease leakage while preventing dust and other foreign particles from damaging bushing components
  • Seamless compatibility with a wide range of shaft types

NB manufactures one of the most comprehensive lines of linear bushings on the market today, with both standard and anti-corrosion type components available. Various material options meet the working challenges of any installation, from harsh environmental conditions demanding precision-machined steel retainers to low-acoustic, low-cost applications in which resin construction is preferred.

Product Series

To better serve a wide range of applications, NB manufactures three primary dimensional series of linear bushings:

1. SW/SM/KB series:

SW/SM/KB series are the standardized linear bushings with closed, open and adjustable type with single and double wide in Inch, Asian metric and European Metric sizes.

2. Pillow block type series:

A wide range of pillow block type housings are available for NB linear bushings, including both resin and machined steel components. When properly paired, you can count on NB linear bushings and pillow block assemblies to deliver high-accuracy, low-cost performance.

3. FIT series:

FIT series products combine an NB linear bushing bearing and precision-machined shaft to deliver smooth, highly accurate performance.

NB linear bushings are available in standard and flanged design types. For a complete list of available products — along with dimensions, tolerances and other detailed specifications — please download the product catalog.

For a full list of available products, as well as detailed installation and maintenance instructions, please contact NB directly.

The outer cylinder of Linear Bushing Bearing contains a ball retainer that is perfectly designed to control the circulation of ball elements, resulting in smooth linear motion.

Compact Mechanism

NB’s Linear Bushing uses a round shaft for the guiding axis, resulting in space-saving, which allows for compact designs.

Low Friction

The raceway surface is precision ground. Since the contact surface between the ball elements and the raceway surface is minimized, the Linear Bushing Bearing provides low friction compared to other linear motion mechanisms.

A Wide Variety of Shapes and Installation Methods

NB’s Linear Bushing is available in various types, standard closed, clearance-adjustable, open, flanged, etc., for a various applications.

GM Series

The GM/GW Type Linear Bushing makes efficient use of resin components making it possible to achieve an overall weight reduction of 30~50% compared with conventional SM/SW type Linear Bushing Bearings. The ball return section is made of resin material, which serves for low noise operation. Also, cost-effectiveness expands the use of linear bushings in many applications.

Selection According to Environment

NB’s Linear Bushing is available in standard and anticorrosion types. Available options include steel retainer suitable for use in harsh environments and resin retainer for low acoustic, low-cost requirement. Other options can be specified according to the application requirements.

Pillow Block Type Series

Pillow Block type series is a unit of Linear Bushing and a block type housing. A variety of block types are available such as precision-machined blocks, resin-made blocks, and cost-effective units, each contributes to higher accuracy, light-weight, and low-cost and design-time saving, respectively.


NB’s Linear Bushing is fully compatible with a variety of shaft types.

FIT Series

FIT series is a combination of Linear Bushing Bearing and precision-machined shaft. The best-fit between Linear Bushing and Shaft achieves a smooth, high accuracy performance meeting the customer requirements.

Basic Structure of Linear Bushing Bearing (SM,SMF,GM)

Basic Structure of Linear Bushing Bearing (SM,SMF)
Basic Structure of Linear Bushing Bearing (GM)

Type (1) Standard

Standard, clearance-adjustable, open, long, and double-wide types of standard and anti-corrosion linear bushings

Type (2) Flange

Various types of standard and anti-corrosion flange type linear bushings

Type (3) Triple Wide Flange

Various types of standard and anti-corrosion triple wide flange type and pilot end flange type linear bushings

Type (4) GM Series

GM and GW single and double-wide type linear bushings