Ball Spline SSP/SSPM

The NB BALL SPLINE is a linear motion mechanism utilizing the recirculating motion of ball elements that can sustain loads and transfer torque either simultaneously or independently. It can be used in a wide variety of applications including robotics and transport type equipment.

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Product Description

NB ball splines are used in a wide range of applications, including robotics, transport-type equipment and other machinery where it is necessary to sustain heavy loads while transferring torque smoothly. Several models are available, including various nut and shaft configurations.

Key Features At-a-Glance

NB ball splines are comprised of a shaft and nut assembly. Ball spline shafts feature raceway grooves. Nut assemblies consist of an outer cylinder, retainer, side rings and ball elements. This type of configuration offers many advantages, including:

  • Reliably smooth motion with specially designed spline nut and shaft
  • High load capacity and long travel life are realized by large ball contact areas and machined grooves that maintain a close radius between shaft and nut components
  • Precise high torque transmission capability with an effective contact angle between shaft and ball elements
  • Adjustable preloads that can be configured to deliver higher rigidity and positioning accuracy
  • High-speed motion performance is realized with a well-balanced, compact outer cylinder design

Configurations and Applications

To support a wider range of installations and applications, NB manufactures several different ball spline nuts:

  • SSP/SSPS cylindrical-type spline nuts with a key groove and special key
  • SSPM cylindrical-type spline nuts without a key groove, with lock plates
  • SSP-AM/SSPS-AM special compact cylindrical-type spline nuts with a countersink and special key
  • SSPF/SSPFS flanged spline nuts
  • SSPT flanged spline nuts with two side cut flange

We also can machine spline shafts to custom specifications. All NB ball spine nuts bearings feature standard side seals for dust protection. For detailed information about each product, download the NB ball spline catalog or speak with a sales representative directly.

For information about load ratings, component life calculations and other technical matters, please refer to the NB ball spline nut catalog, which includes detailed specifications for all nut and shaft components. You can also submit your email to download 2D and 3D CAD designs for any of our products. Do you have additional questions about NB ball splines and their potential applications? Call or email a representative for assistance today.

Structure and Advantages

The NB BALL SPLINE consists of a spline shaft with raceway grooves and a spline nut. The spline nut consists of an outer cylinder (main body), retainer, side rings, and ball elements that are designed and manufactured to achieve a reliable smooth motion.

High Load Capacity and Long Travel Life

The raceway grooves are machined to a radius close to that of the ball elements. The large ball contact area results in high load capacity and long travel life.

Ease of Additional Custom Machining

Since a round shaft with raceway grooves is used, NB BALL SPLINE shafts can be machined easily to customized specifications.

Wide Variety of Configurations

Spline shaft sizes with diameters from 4mm to 100mm are available. Several types of spline nut are available: cylindrical types (SSP/SSPM), flange types (SSPF/SSPT ), and block type (SSPB). Material option of Stainless steel (SUS440C or equivalent) is also available. They can be specified to suit various applications.

High Accuracy Torque Transmission

Due to the effective contact angle between the raceway grooves and the balls, the NB BALL SPLINE can transfer large torque. By adjusting preload it is possible to give a higher rigidity and a higher positioning accuracy.

High-Speed Motion and High-Speed Rotation

The outer cylinder is compact and well balanced, resulting in good performance at high speed.

Basic Structure of NB BALL SPLINE

Basic structure of NB ball spline SSP type

Types of Spline Nut

A wide variety of spline nut designs are available and all spline nuts come with side-seals as a standard feature.

A wide variety of spline designs are available and all spline nuts come with side-seals as a standard feature. This chart shows the shape and advantage of cylindrical and flange type spline nuts.