Linear Actuators – BG type

NB’s award-winning BG linear actuators combine the functionality of a linear slide guide and precision ball screw in a single component. Compact size and exceptional accuracy make BG single-axis actuators an ideal choice for many applications, including positioning, measurement, automotive and semiconductor equipment.

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Product Description

BG linear actuator consists of a linear slide block, guide rail, and ball screws. They are housed in a U-shaped steel component and mounted to a sub table/motor bracket assembly. To accommodate a wide range of installations and applications, these high-speed linear actuators are available in various sizes and block type configurations. BG series linear actuators offer four key benefits:

  1. Reduced installation time
    Adjustment-free design that integrates linear slide guide rail and precision ball screws.
  2. High rigidity in a compact package
    They feature a unique U-shaped linear slide guide rail and a four-point contact configuration.
  3. High positioning accuracy
    Precision-machined components such as a linear slide guide rail, linear guide block, and ball screw provide accuracy.
  4. A space-saving design
    BG single-axis linear stage actuators can be used in compact applications where other positioning tables won’t fit.

Sizes and Options

BG linear motion actuators are available in six different sizes and multiple rail lengths. As well, four block configurations are available: single long, double long, single short and double short. All products are available in one of two accuracy grades:

  1. High grade
  2. Precision grade

While BG high-rigidity linear actuators are sufficient for most applications, precision-grade products deliver overall improvements in positioning repeatability, positioning accuracy, running parallelism and backlash, which are necessary for use in high-performance environments.

Other options available for BG high-speed linear actuators include:

  • Top cover or bellows for additional protection against dust
  • Mounting brackets for use with various electric motor types
  • Limit sensors, including slim-type/compact photomicro, close-contact-capable or proximity sensors
  • Positioning pin holes on the side block or subtable

You’ll find a complete list of product options and configurations by downloading the available BG linear actuator catalog. One of our in-house engineers would be happy to help you assess your needs and determine the best possible iteration of this award-winning product.

For more information about our high-speed linear actuators, contact NB today.

NB Linear Actuator BG type is a compact single axis linear actuator which integrates a slide guide and precision ball screw. The NB Linear Actuator BG type offers compact dimensions and outperforms conventional Positioning Tables. This is made possible by a unique “U” shaped guide rail and slide block which provides multiple functions of a guide block and a ball screw nut combined into a single unit.

The “U” shaped guide rail offers high rigidity against bending moment. This structural feature allows for the integrated framework of machinery or equipment and can be cantilevered. Additionally, the slide block contains 4 ball circuits which deliver high load capacity, high accuracy, and high rigidity.

NB Linear Actuator BG Type Ball Contact Profile and Cross SectionAdjustment-Free

The integration of the slide guide and precision ball screw eliminates complex precision adjustment and reduces installation time dramatically.

High Rigidity

“U” shaped guide rail provides very high rigidity despite its compact configuration and can be used for a cantilevered application.

High Accuracy

The NB Linear Actuator BG type contains four ball circuits and four-point contact ball grooves which contribute to its high rigidity. The combination of a precision ground guide rail, slide block, and precision ball screw provides high positioning accuracy.

Space Saving

In comparison to conventional positioning tables, the NB Linear Actuator BG type allows for compact designs and dramatic space saving. The “U” shaped guide rail and integrated slide block and precision ball screw make this possible.

Structure of Linear Actuator BG type

Structure of NB Linear Actuator BG type