Miniature Ball Slide SYBS

The NB MINIATURE SLIDE SYBS type is a limited stroke table with the most compact envelope dimensions, featuring two ball raceway grooves. The SYBS type utilizes balls as the rolling elements. The ultra compact design contributes greatly to the creation of smaller and lighter industrial machinery and equipment of all types.

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Product Description

NB miniature slides consist of a table and bed assembly, a ball cage containing lubricated rolling elements, and an end piece. The ultra-compact design of the SYBS series of products measures no more than 8mm by 17mm and can be as small as 3.2mm by 6mm. As a result, these small linear bearings are highly suited for electronics and industrial machinery.

Benefits At-a-Glance

Low frictional resistance

The small linear bearings present in NB miniature slides do not recirculate while in use, which provides uniform frictional resistance. This, in turn, leads to smoother, more precise operation, important considerations on light industrial machinery and consumer goods.

Low noise

To minimize noise, a special ball cage keeps the linear bearing’s small rolling elements in place, reducing contact noises for quieter operation overall.

High accuracy

Precision machining and exceptional quality control processes ensure that all NB products offer smooth and precise performance. This is all the more important in miniature slides and other small linear bearing devices, in which even a slight variance in the dimensions of the product’s raceway grooves can have a noticeable impact on performance.

Corrosion resistance

The SYBS series of miniature slides are constructed entirely of stainless steel components. As a result, they are an ideal choice for extreme conditions, such as those where high temperatures or highly corrosive elements are present. NB miniatures slides are also available in oil-free configurations, making them suitable for clean rooms and vacuums.


For detailed specifications, download the product catalog. To learn more about NB miniature slides and other small linear bearing components, please contact an NB representative by phone or email.

Structure and Advantages

The NB MINIATURE SLIDE table incorporates a unique integrated ball cage between the table and bed. All components have been produced with high precision machining.

Ultra Compact Design

The table height of the SYBS type is 3.2~4.5mm and the width is 6~12mm. This compact size when compared with conventional SLIDE TABLEs helps to realize the miniaturization of machinery and equipment.

High Accuracy

The ball raceway grooves of each of the bed and table are processed through simultaneous precision machining resulting in minimal processing errors, and bringing about extremely smooth, precision linear movement.

Low Friction ・ Low Noise

Since the rolling ball elements do not recirculate, the frictional resistance will not vary significantly resulting in smooth, high precision operation. Additionally, the ball cage greatly reduces the contact noise of the rolling elements bringing about a low-noise operation.

Stainless Steel Structure

The SYBS type is made of all stainless steel components. This allows for use in corrosive or high temperature applications. The SYBS is a perfect component for vacuum or clean room environments.

Structure of SYBS type