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The eXrail is a linear guide rail system utilizing the recirculating motion of needle rollers. It is useful in various applications that require high precision, such as medical equipment, thanks to its high rigidity, high motion accuracy, and high damping capability features.


The eXrail transforms into "eXrail-1" to fight against the evil forces of fire, oil, and heavy metals to protect the life of Slide Guides.

Will eXrail-1 be able to save the earth? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to stay updated!




The components itself should guarantee its value.


The performance of the components affects the quality of the final product. Based on this concept we constantly strive to develop better products.

The orange NB emblem on the eXrail is a symbol of our pursuit for performance and quality. We are proud to promise the value that this product brings.



Product release date: Fall 2017

- Product details and specifications to be announced soon -


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