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The NB SLIDE BUSH is a Linear Ball Bushing utilizing the recirculating motion of ball elements. This consists of the outer cylinder and a ball retainer that guide the circulation of the ball elements, resulting in smooth linear motion. Moreover, NB SLIDE BUSH is fully compatible with a variety of Linear Shaft types. Pillow Block Units and Flanged Bushings provide excellent installation environments.

Used in a number of industrial fields, such as transportation equipment, food processing equipment and semiconductor equipment, NB SLIDE BUSH have been endorsed by many of our clients as “standard parts for linear motion”.

The NB TOPBALL is a High Load type Linear Ball Bushing utilizing the recirculating motion of ball elements. NB’s self-aligning TOPBALL can be designed into many different applications such as factory automated equipment, machine tools, industrial machines, electrical equipment, optical and measuring instruments. A Pillow block housed unit provides an excellent installation environment.

The NB STROKE BUSH is a linear and rotational motion mechanism utilizing the rotational motion of ball elements between an outer cylinder and a shaft. It is compact and can withstand high loading. The retainer is made of a light metal alloy with high wear resistance. Smooth motion is achieved under high-speed and highacceleration conditions. Although the linear motion is limited to a specific stroke length, the combined rotation and stroke motion is achieved with very little frictional resistance. The NB STROKE BUSH can be conveniently used in a variety of applications.