When you’re facing a linear motion requirement — whether it’s general machinery, optical equipment or high-precision measurement machines — NB has your solution. Our experts applied their decades of experience to designing and manufacturing award-winning linear rails, slides, bearings, and guides for a vast array of industry needs.

To offer one of the best product ranges in the business, we combine compact size, high-load capacity, flexible mounting options and high resistance to demanding environments. Let NB be your partner for world-class linear guides and rails that unlock your maximum potential for efficiency and reliability.

Choosing the Right Linear Motion Solution

Whatever your linear motion problem, we have the right solution. You may need extremely high precision or rigidity to adverse conditions. Or, maybe you’re looking for a compact linear slide and guide system to reduce your machine size. Even if you need a combination all of these characteristics, we have you covered. Choose NB for:

  • High load bearing capacity thanks to our multiple-point, omnidirectional ball bearing loading
  • Compact block assemblies with low height and optional wide body mounting surfaces
  • All-steel construction with various grades of stainless-steel and corrosion-resistant coatings
  • A multitude of dust and high-temperature features for use in adverse conditions
  • High-precision rail machining that limits friction provides long service life
  • Retained, recirculating-ball options for easy installation
  • Your choice of tapped or countersunk mounting holes to accommodate all of your devices

You can incorporate NB linear guides and rails in a variety of machines. Many of our linear slides and guides include permanent lubrication that increases the life of your system and reduces downtime. With NB, you can enjoy increased efficiency thanks to high linear transitions, high loads, extreme precision and limited maintenance.

Built for Industry

To help you integrate NB linear guides and rails into your designs, download our 2D and 3D CAD files. This allows you to quickly and easily choose the NB products that suit your application and ensure they meet your criteria with respect to load, speed, mounting, installation, and precision. You may also want to view our promotional videos that show our linear slides and guides in action.

Including world-class NB linear movement systems in your equipment and machinery gives you an unparalleled combination of quality and performance. You’ll enjoy efficiency gains and an improved bottom line. Download our CAD files today or contact us for more information.