Linear Guide – SGW Type

The NB SLIDE GUIDE SGW type is a profile linear guide rail system utilizing the recirculating motion of ball elements along four rows of raceway grooves. Its low height and wide profile makes it suitable for single-rail applications.

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Product Description

You need linear motion solutions that address your unique requirements. You may focus on one particular aspect such as precision, maximum load, smoothness, cleanliness or maintenance, or you may be looking for a combination of these and other criteria.

At NB, we engineer our NB Slide Guide SGW linear guides and rails to surpass your demands and provide you the optimal solution for all situations. To offer you the highest quality and longest-lasting results, we incorporated ball elements that take advantage of recirculating motion into our linear guide rail systems. This design ensures consistent and reliable movement of your linear rail guides in all of your equipment.

We created our NB Slide Guide SGW series to be flexible for all types of applications. They include two SGW mounting types to meet your demands:

SGW TF-type

Featuring a low height and narrow mounting surface that allow you to minimize the size and weight of your installations.

SGW TE-type

Featuring a wider mounting surface for a broader range of mounting possibilities while maintaining a low, compact size for single-rail applications.

We employ precision design, top-quality materials and cutting-edge manufacturing to maintain our position as a world leader in linear bearings across our entire product range.

High-level Features

Our unique ball retainer system includes features that maximize the accuracy and capacity of our linear motion guide rail systems. Choose NB and benefit from:

High load capacity

With our high load capacity, you can build your machines and equipment to your exacting specifications and ensure long life.

Omnidirectional load

The 45° contact angle of our ball elements provides a homogenous load capacity top to bottom and side to side, providing extremely smooth motion.

Cleanliness requirements

Every NB SGW linear guide rail system includes dust side seals. For the most demanding cleanliness needs, we can incorporate additional dust seals and caps.

Your success and satisfaction are our main goal. Choose NB as your trusted partner for all of your linear movement needs to increase your equipment efficiency, maintain linear movement precision and reduce maintenance schedules.

Detailed Information

Our customers come from a broad range of industrial sectors, but you all have one thing in common: You need confidence and precision in your linear rails and bearings. Choosing from our NB Slide Guide SGW catalog adds flexibility to your machine design, as well as increases efficiency and longevity thanks to precision tolerances and integrated lubrication.

We make integrating NB linear guide rail systems easy. Download our detailed 2D and 3D CAD files today so that you can spec out and design your equipment or contact us for more information.

Structure and Advantages

The NB SLIDE GUIDE SGW type consists of a rail with four precisely machined raceway grooves and a block assembly. The block assembly consists of the main body, ball elements, retainers, and return caps.

High Load Capacity and Long Life
The raceway grooves are machined to a radius close to that of the ball elements. The larger contact area resulting in a high load capacity and a long travel life.

Anti-Corrosion Specification
The rail and block assembly can be treated with low temperature black chrome treatment to increase the corrosion resistance. This treatment is standardized with the symbol “LB”, and suitable for use in clean room applications.

High Allowable Moment
Its wide profile enables it to sustain high moment loads, making it suitable for single-rail applications.

Dust Prevention
Side-seals are provided as standard. To improve the dust prevention characteristics, under-seals and rail mounting caps are also available.

Omni-Directional Load Capacity
The ball elements are positioned at 45° contact angle so that the load capacity is equal in four directions (above, below, right and left).

Extension of Relubrication Period
by Fiber Sheet

A lubricant-containing Fiber Sheet incorporated in the block supplies appropriate amount of lubricant to the raceway grooves, which significantly extends the lubricant replenishment interval.

Smooth Motion
The large number of effective ball elements produce a smooth rolling motion.

Structure of SGW type SLIDE GUIDE


Two SGW block types are available depending on the mounting space and desired mounting method.