Operaciones de NB Norteamérica

Establecido en 1987, en Chicago. NB Corporation of America es la primera oficina de ultramar en la estrategia de globalización.
NB Corporation of America actualmente cuenta con dos sucursales ventas adicionales en las costas este y oeste.
La red de ventas se ha estado ampliando continuamente.

NB Corporation of America
Corporate name NB Corporation of America
Establishment June, 1987
Location 930 Muirfield Dr. Hanover Park, IL 60133,U.S.A
Capital US$ 1,000,000
President Toru Yamazaki
Closing data June 30th
WEB http://www.nbcorporation.com/
TEL / FAX Tel. (630) 295-8880 Fax. (630) 295-8881 Toll Free.(800) 521-2045
E-mail info@nbcorporation.com
Western Regional Office
Establishment December, 2000
Location 46750 Lakeview Blvd. Fremont, CA 94538,U.S.A
TEL / FAX Tel. (510) 490-1420 Fax. (510) 490-1733 Toll Free.(888) 562-4175
Eastern Regional Office
Establishment December, 2001
Location 500 N. Franklin Turnpike, Suite 103, Ramsey, NJ 07446,U.S.A
TEL / FAX Tel. (201) 236-3886 Fax. (201) 236-5112 Toll Free. (800) 981-8190

NB Japan Network

Branch and Sales Offices

Corporate name NIPPON BEARING CO., LTD.
Website http://www.nb-linear.co.jp/
Establishment May 1959
Capital 260 million yen
President Toru Yamazaki
Closing data April 20th
Annual Turnover 10,000 million yen (Including NB Corporation of America and NB Europe B.V.)
Number of Employees 592 (As of 07/02/2012)
Main Financial Institutions The Daishi Bank (Ojiya Branch) ,Niigata Shinyo Kumiai Bank (Ojiya Branch)
Takasaki Branch
Establishment July. 1991
Location 7 Niibo , Takasaki city, Gunma prefecture 370-0018
TEL / FAX Tel. 027-353-6911 Fax. 027-353-6915
E-Mail kik@nb-linear.co.jp
Tokyo Branch
Establishment October. 1984
Location 2-32-8 Oji , Kita Division, Tokyo Prefecture 114-0002
TEL / FAX Tel. 03-5390-2811 Fax. 03-5390-8045
E-Mail tok@nb-linear.co.jp
Atsugi Branch
Establishment June. 1989
Location 2-1-38 Onsui nishi , Atsugi city, Kanagawa Prefecture 243-0039 →ACCESS MAP
TEL / FAX Tel. 046-248-7471 Fax. 046-270-1085
E-Mail mik@nb-linear.co.jp
Nagoya Branch
Establishment March. 1986
Location 4-903 Takahari Meitouku Nagoya City Aichi Prefecture 465-0061
TEL / FAX Tel. 052-705-6411 Fax. 052-705-6415
E-Mail nag@nb-linear.co.jp
Keiji Branch
Establishment October. 2003
Location 6-9-60 Anyouji, Ritto city, Shiga Prefecture 520-3015
TEL / FAX Tel. 077-552-9311 Fax. 077-552-7715
E-Mail kei@nb-linear.co.jp
Osaka Branch
Establishment October. 1984
Location 3-3-4 Osada Higashi, Higashi Osaka city, Osaka Prefecture 577-0012
TEL / FAX Tel. 06-6743-3911 Fax. 06-6743-3915
E-Mail osa@nb-linear.co.jp
Hiroshima Sales Office
Establishment May. 2001
Location 3-5-33 Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima City Asaminami Ward Kawauchi 731-0102
TEL / FAX Tel. 0120-645-511(toll-free number)
Fax. 06-6743-3915(Osaka branch)
E-Mail hir@nb-linear.co.jp
Fukuoka Sales Office
Establishment October. 1984
Location 3-11-10 Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City Hakata Ward Hakata Station east 812-0013
TEL / FAX Tel. 0120-645-511(toll-free number)
Fax. 06-6743-3915(Osaka branch)
E-Mail fuk@nb-linear.co.jp

Europe B.V.

Established in 2002, in the Netherlands who is the world sixth economy in terms of exports and investments, 
regardless of her small population of 15million people. 
In the midst of tech-advanced countries in the EU zone, the NB brand has been proved to be high-quality components.

NB Europe B.V.
Corporate name NB Europe B.V.
Establishment November, 2002
Location Boekweitstraat 21, 2153 GK Nieuw-Vennep, The Netherlands
Capital ∉ 18,000
President Toru Yamazaki
Closing data December 31st
WEB http://www.nbeurope.com/
E-Mail info@nbeurope.com


China has grown into the world’s second largest economy. In January 2013, we founded
NB CHINA CO., LTD in Shanghai as a foreign affiliated company to make an entry into
the large and fast-growing Chinese market.

NB China Co.,Ltd.
Corporate name 蒽必(上海)商贸有限公司(NB China Co.,Ltd) 上海总部
Establishment November, 2012
Location 中国上海市静安区南京西路580号,南证大厦主楼4001 200041
Room 108, Building 2, Randong Commercial Center No. 150,
Lane 2161 Wanyuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 201103
P.R. China
Capital RMB 7,000,000.00
President Toru Yamazaki
Closing data December 31st
WEB http://www.nb-linear.co.jp/chinese/index.html
E-Mail info@nb-china.com.cn
TEL / FAX Tel. 021-52286811 Fax. 021-52286810