EXRAIL® – A new innovative linear recirculating linear guide rail system to achieve ultra-high rigidity, ultra-high motion accuracy, and ultra-high damping capability. Incorporation of needle rollers gives the EXRAIL® 50% higher rigidity and higher damping capability compared to current roller bearing and guide way assemblies in the market.

Nippon Bearing incorporated the latest technology including a built in lubricated porous resin material to meet customer expectations for extended lubrication intervals, three oil holes for flexibility in lubrication options and side seals, under seals, and inner seals for advanced dust prevention capabilities. The EXRAIL®’s seals are made from HNBR, a special material known for oil and ozone proof properties and strong wear resistance.

The EXRAIL® is a linear recirculating roller bearing and guide way assembly whose carriage and guide way are supplied as pre-assembled units.

This allows the EXRAIL® to perform at its maximum capability for high precision and rigidity.